“Hiring Alycia was, hands down, the best decision we made for our wedding day. She was the director of the show, the nearly invisible hand that kept all the different actors –vendors, family members, guests and my sweetheart and me — on time, on point and fulfilling our respective roles. Beforehand, she provided guidance that made both the ceremony and reception flow smoothly. I’m so grateful we tapped into her wisdom and experience. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and she filled in the gaps, providing know-how that made getting married a relaxed, fun and celebratory experience.  Alycia listened to what we hoped the night would be and offered advice that enhanced the vibe and experience for us and our guests. Once the wedding and party started I felt completely at ease because I was 100% confident she and I were on the same page, and knew she had everything covered. Also, while I didn’t learn about it until a few days after we got married, friends told me that Alycia handled a few friction points with such grace that the disagreements were simply hiccups instead of blow outs. At the time, I was blissfully unaware. I’m beyond grateful for this cool headed, stylish woman. I feel like I walked away from the experience of planning a wedding with a new friend, and she definitely gained a big fan.”

Fielding Arnold – Durham, NC
September 6, 2014

“After interviewing numerous event planners, mid way through my initial conversation with Alycia at Mason Inc, it was obvious to me that she would be our perfect fit. Previously trying to make this choice had been a daunting, disappointing and frustrating experience but now I was eager to commit.  Of course Christina, my daughter and the bride, needed her opportunity to speak to Alycia, but I was confident that she would arrive at the same conclusion. Christina quickly agreed.  Alycia was “the one”. From beginning to end my daughter had a clear vision of a beautiful wedding. Alycia listened, smiled and went to work. Her instincts were spot on as she understood and appreciated every aspect of that vision. Her intuitiveness, creativity and acute attention to detail made the planning easy and actually fun. She worked tirelessly and always with a warm smile and calm demeanor. Alycia certainly kept our stress level in check which allowed Christina and me to actually embrace the entire process. She knew what we wanted and what we needed often before we did.  Her organizational skills were impeccable and she was able to navigate tricky and difficult situations with grace and ease. Alycia is a true professional wise beyond her years and passionate about her work.  My words of sincere praise will hopefully underscore her many attributes and accomplishments, but my heart truly swells when I think about this very special young woman. From a working relationship based on mutual respect and admiration a lasting friendship has blossomed. It is something I am grateful for and treasure deeply. As that saying goes…. “When you know, you know.” We knew instantly it was Alycia.” (full gallery at Krystal Kast Photography)

Corinne Welsh – Durham, NC
March 29, 2014


“Creative, organized, and professional, Alycia of Mason Inc helped make our wedding day one to remember.  We had a vision and though we often had trouble articulating that vision – translation: we wavered often! – Alycia accommodated our requests without hesitation.  Though she always had fantastic ideas to contribute (and we used many of them!) she always listened to ours first, making sure each element was exactly what we wanted.  When it came to execution on the day of, Alycia NAILED IT.  We were able to relax and enjoy the events leading up to the Big Day without stress, knowing that Mason Inc had our backs.  The venue design, decor, and flow FAR exceeded our expectations.  The vendors, our family, and our friends were blown away by every last detail, and were quick to call attention to how wonderful, courteous, and professional Alycia was.  We agree.  We can’t thank Mason Inc enough for making our day and the process leading up to it so memorable.”  (full gallery at Graham Terhune Photography)

Genevieve & Derek Smyth – Chapel Hill, NC
May 18, 2013


“I am so appreciative that I had Alycia’s expertise, guidance and coordination throughout my wedding planning process and my wedding day.  From the first communication during the planning process, Alycia offered fantastic tips, suggestions and recommendations, as well as spreadsheets and timeline layouts on how exactly to plan and execute our special day.     She was in constant contact to follow up with me and my progress, via email, phone and even Skype!  I was confident and stress free on my wedding day, as I knew that Alycia would handle all the day of details, timing, and vendors as well as any unforeseen issues that popped up.  She was on top of all the details and kept the day under control in a cool and confident manner.   My husband and I were able to enjoy our day and enjoy our guests knowing that Alycia was in charge!  I would highly recommend to anyone planning their wedding to choose Alycia as their wedding planner/coordinator.   Not only is she reliable, attentive to detail, and experienced, she is a joy and a pleasure to work with during what can be a long and stressful process!”

Melissa & Matthew Benson – Seekonk, MA
November 11, 2012


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