Wedding Wednesday: Vogue Weddings

photo 2

I wandered in to Barnes & Noble last week looking for something fun for my one-and-only to open on Valentine’s Day.  I went with this sweet little book which now sits on his nightstand. I also snagged this gem on super sale for myself.  I couldn’t help it.  I covet books like this but just can’t bring myself to pay full price – even when they’re as beautiful as this one.  I often put them back telling myself that I don’t need it.  But this was a total score at less than $20.  (It’s also available on Amazon, here.)

While my little one napped during the snow/ice day yesterday, I got the chance to thumb through it’s glossy pages with a big cup of coffee. I almost got through the whole book before she woke up! I’m so glad I didn’t put it back.  It’s page after page of inspiration from historical wedding photos, like Prince William and Princess Kate or John Lennon and Yoko Ono.  It ends with a collection of bridal centric Vogue editorials.  There’s also TONS of inspiration from table top to decor and of course, dresses.  Here are two of my favorites:

photo 3
 photo 1

I’m always a sucker for stripes but I also love the use of the green glass with the white clay vases and of course the pop of pink in this rustic setting. How amazing is this tent?! What a great way to add some style to a casual affair.  I bet those lanterns made for some romantic lighting at night – great for pictures! You could exchange them, however, for chandeliers, swap out the greens for fresh white flowers and this tent could be more formal, too. It’s all about the details. Also notice the table placement. Laying them out this way sets up an area for a dance floor without having to rent one!

I’ll leave you with this awesome shot from the book – such rockstars! Here’s hoping you all feel this way on your wedding day.  Happy planning everyone.

photo 4

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